The Gordonsville Herald


Volume XXXVIV, Issue 6                                                                                                                         June 1, 2020




A few years ago, my family toured one of the first nuclear-powered submarines, the “Nautilus”.  When it was commissioned, it had an original supply of atomic fuel about the size of a golf ball.  After being at sea four years, a check was made of its power supply.  Amazingly, the original amount was not noticeably diminished.  If atomic fuel is that powerful, how much more so is the power of God.


Biblical writers were conscious of God’s power and they wrote about it often.  They referred to Him as the Source of power, strength and energy.  They were very much aware of their weaknesses and dependence upon God.  Like atomic power – God is the boundless, limitless, and inexhaustible Source of supply.


As we begin to slowly move out of the “COVID-19” Pandemic,” what better reminder of our need for a Source beyond ourselves.  Within ourselves we operate with limited resources.  However, we don’t have to be boxed in by our own limitations.  A whole new dimension is open when He becomes our strength.  Paul writes in Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (NKJV).  The incredible part of this was that Paul was sitting in a Roman prison when he wrote these words.


No matter where we are or the circumstances we encounter, through Christ we have the strength and power to overcome.  None of us know what the rest of 2020 will hold – but we do have the same Source of supply that Paul drew from nearly 20 centuries ago.  Whatever life brings, the moment we tap into His power . . .

                             ●     our wills are awakened,

                                      ●    our minds are energized,

                                                ●     our hearts are fortified,

                                                          ●     and our horizons are lifted.


Think it over . . . because of His boundless, limitless and inexhaustible power, we can . . .

                             ●     do all things,

                                      ●     endure all things,

                                                ●    and have hope in all things.


Praise God for being our Source of supply!  My prayer for you for the rest of 2020 is that you might “tap in” to the Source often.



                                                Pastor Wayne



Lifesigns:                         5/3         5/10           5/17             5/24              5/31             Stewardship Report

“Thrive Time”                               Cancelled Due To Covid 19                               Budget Needs through May 31: $  98,472                                                    

 Sunday Bible Study                    Cancelled Due To Covid 19                               Budget Gifts through May 31:   $  94,962

Worship                                        Cancelled Due To Covid 19                               Budget Shortfall:                          $   3,510

Offering                        $ 4,364    $ 16,471      $ 4,742        $ 3,005           $ 1,056




Want a voice in the workings of your church?  Attend the next Business Meeting on July 8.

 (The Nominating Committee Report will be presented at this meeting.)



The Week of Prayer for Associational Missions and Special Offering for Items Not Covered in the Budget will now be held                 ►►►►               JULY 19—26, 2020              ◄◄◄

The offering this year will go to support Panama Projects, RuraLove Ministries, and the Camp of Dreams for Roma Children.

TO BE DETERMINED             “FEED MY SHEEP”                 Saturday, June 27           11 AM – Noon

Gordonsville Presbyterian Church (Main Street)




                                                                   CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!

We celebrate this momentous achievement in the lives of our graduates and applaud their hard work.  May God bestow His richest blessings upon all of your future endeavors!


Louisa County High School– ROBBIE MACHAdvanced Diploma (Dec. 2019).  Robbie is the son of John and Rene Hounshell.  Robbie was active in the Games Club, Football Manager his Sophomore year, and repaired and worked on Chromebooks his Junior & Senior year.  He was in track his Sophomore-Junior year.  Robbie currently works at Popeyes and is saving money for a new car.  He is attending PVCC currently with the intentions of completing an Associate degree and transferring to Virginia Tech to enroll in the Engineering Program.  His dream is to work with NASA!  


University of Mary Washington – SEAN SILKE BS, Major Business Administration; Minor Computer Science.  Sean is the son of John and Robin Silke.  Sean was the founder and President of the Culinary Club and his interests include cooking and video games.  Sean has been accepted to the National University of Ireland, Galway, where he will pursue a Masters in International Management.


Liberty University – SETH HARTSFIELD Bachelors Degree.  Seth is the son of Pat and Jeannie Hartsfield and the grandson of Carmon and Linda Hartsfield.  Seth is planning to stay in Lynchburg and begin a career in business administration as a project manager.



PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR NOMINATING COMMITTEE . . .  Janet Hartsook, Chair, Bessie Decatur, Charlie

Fincham, Irene Richardson, Brenda Stoner and Carolyn Tanner.

The Committee is requesting that due to the circumstances of COVID-19, those serving and rotating off their term, prayerfully consider serving an additional year on their term.  If you are UNABLE to do so, please call the Chairperson, Janet Hartsook (832-3065) or the church office (832-2075) with your request by MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2020, otherwise your service will continue for another year. Thank you for your service to the Lord through Gordonsville Baptist Church.




  • We are anticipating re-opening the church in the very near future once the Governor moves

        Virginia to Phase Two.

  • At this point, when we can re-gather, we will likely begin with only “One Worship” at the 11 AM


  • We are planning to continue live-streaming the worship service even after we re-open.
  • For the time being, social distancing limitations will still be in place – masks will be required, as

        well as, proper hand sanitizing.

  • Families will be allowed to sit together, again masks will be required, as well as, hand sanitizing.
  • In due time, a “Second Worship” will be considered in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Sunday School and Church Pals will resume once again when the social distancing rules have

        been relaxed or lifted.

  • Please understand that we are all in this together.  You are encouraged to pray for your church staff and its elected leaders.  Please be patient as we work together to make our church facilities safe for re-gathering.