Who We Are

Since 1859, Gordonsville Baptist Church (GBC) has ministered to the greater Gordonsville community by offering the opportunity for Christian worship, education, service and fellowship.
We are a growing fellowship of believers, united and empowered by the Holy Spirit, whose
purpose is to glorify God by:
  • Participating in worship, prayer, Bible study, and loving fellowship;
  • Sharing with unbelievers that Jesus Christ is the way to abundant life, both now and forever;
  • Teaching, equipping, and nurturing persons for spiritual growth resulting in responsible Christian living and service;
  • Ministering cooperatively to individuals and families through local and world missions. 
    Worship is central to the Christian experience. 
    Traditional Worship                    11:00 AM
    Sunday School / Bible Study takes place every Sunday, 9:30 AM.  Mission education and involvement is offered through our missions programs and outreach locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Children's Church Choir, Adult and Hand Bell Choirs offer the opportunity to serve God through music. 
  • Mission groups work on service projects throughout the year.
  • Through the Cooperative Program and seasonal offerings, the church supports a world-wide missionary enterprise. 
  • The church is involved in local benevolences. 
  • Our facilities are utilized by organizations such as AA, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts.
Christians enjoy each other's company!  From time to time the church has covered-dish dinners, picnics and socials.  A Fall Festival/Bazaar is held each November.
for children of all ages.  Infants, preschoolers and children through 5th Grade gather in the nursery.  The infants and preschoolers stay in this area for Sunday School, while the older children are escorted to their classes by their teachers.  After Sunday School, they are escorted back to the nursery.  Sunday School Class for Youth Grades 6-12.
for youth (6th through 12th Grades) on Sundays at 4 PM.  This informal time is filled with Bible Study, prayer, ministry opportunities, and fun activities.
in June after the local schools are dismissed for summer vacation.  It is always a fun-filled week of Bible study, singing, recreation, and worship with the focus on missions.  Typically, children are registered the first morning, and then dropped off at 9 AM for group time in the sanctuary.  Parents then meet their children back in the sanctuary where they are signed out prior to leaving at Noon.
for children up through age 12, is a safe, non-scary environment where children and their families have an alternative to going door to door on Halloween.  There’s lots of candy and always lots of surprises.
SPIRITUAL SEEKERS CLASS . . . is the place to be on a Sunday morning.  It is uplifting to walk into a room full of joyful folks who like to “eat” and “greet.”  You can count on a hot cup of coffee, cold soda or hot tea along with refreshments to start.  They enjoy exploring the Word of God together – which they do through Bible study and discussion.  They are a laid back group who enjoy sharing thoughts and learning from each other.  They are young enough to be able to climb the steps to the 2nd floor and old enough to appreciate the freedom of worship and the privilege of Sunday School time which is the time where you really get to know your fellow church-goers – where friendships form and last a lifetime.  Give them a try – you will be glad you did and they will be even “gladder” to have you join them!
THE FRIENDSHIP CLASS . . . is a great place where old friends and new friends come together for fellowship, prayer, and study.  Lively informal Bible based discussions take place around the tables where everyone is encouraged to express their opinions and interpretations.  The group is growing and learning about what it means to follow Christ.  You’re always welcome to join them where hot coffee and friends go together.