In June 2012, Brittany Garton, Gordonsville Baptist Church native, moved to Bucharest, Romania to minister alongside Romanians serving at Project Ruth.


Project Ruth 

Project Ruth is a place of learning and hope for children and women, mainly Roma, in the Ferentari neighborhood of Bucharest, Romania. This ministry, also, provides Christian leadership training to Roma church leaders across Romania and even Moldova.

The Ruth School

The Ruth School currently has over 200 students enrolled and attending classes daily. These students receive hot meals, kindergarten-8th grade education, clothing, hygiene assistance and other humanitarian aid on an as needed basis. The Ruth School is the last chance of an education, thusly a better life, for these students as many of them haven’t been welcomed in public schools for various reasons.

The Naomi Center

The Naomi Center ministers to the women of the community through skill training and counseling. Currently, the Naomi Center holds twice weekly sewing courses during which the women, often mothers of Ruth School students, are taught how to repair their families clothing in addition to making products to sell to provide for their families. The women are also invited to attend various group meeting during which women’s issues such as identity, abuse, child rearing etc. are discussed under the guidance of a full-time counselor, who is available to meet on an individual basis with the women.

The Gypsy Smith School

The Gypsy Smith School is a leadership training program that exists with the intention to equip and train local leaders to minister to and around their home communities. Leaders, typically Roma, attend training sessions four times a year for two years in order to complete their training. Leaders are training for various theological topics, methods of ministry and other relevant topics.