The Gordonsville Herald

      Volume XXXVIV, Issue 5                                                                                                           May 1, 2020




Think It Over.  .  .


Mothers are a perceptive lot – they just seem to have an uncanny way of knowing things long before anyone else.  My mother was that way.  She usually sensed when something wasn’t right and she would inquire to draw it out.  The mother of my three children and memaw of my six grandchildren is the same way.  Often, it causes them to wonder how she always knows.  Needless to say, perceptive mothers can cause a lot of consternation with their children and grandchildren.


Jesus’ mother was a perceptive woman.  The Bible says she pondered much about her son Jesus (Luke 2:51).  One day, as Jesus was just in the beginning stages of His mission, He and His disciples were at a wedding in Cana of Galilee when a terribly embarrassing thing happened – the wine ran out.  When Mary heard the news she reported it to her Son.  Many have debated this story as to whether or not Mary was asking Jesus to do a miracle.  I cannot settle the debate, but somehow I think she “knew” that if anything could be done, her Son could do it.


In John 2:4, Mary makes a simple, yet, profound statement every believer ought to take to heart.  Mary told the servants, Do whatever He tells you (NLT).  They did and Jesus told them to dip some water, now wine, and take it to the host.  The result of their obedience became the occasion of Jesus’ first recorded miracle.


Over and over again in the Gospels, when people did whatever Jesus told them to do, things happened.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, being obedient to Him is the key to living the abundant life.  When we obey Him, things happen in our lives too.  Sometimes what He tells us to do may not make much sense by today’s standards.  But I would remind you, it did not make much sense to expect wine from the water pots the servants had just filled with water.


Often, Jesus tells us to do things and we fail to obey because it would go against the way it’s always been done.  If we are going to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-14) and make an impact on our little corner of the world – then we must be willing to step out in wholehearted obedience and do whatever He tells us to do.  This applies to the individual member as well as the church as a whole.


Think it over . . .


What is Jesus telling you to do?  What is He telling the church to do?  I cannot speak for what He is telling you to do except to say:


  • Search the Scriptures
  • Spend much time in prayer
  • Seek the counsel of trusted believers
  • Secure the help of the Holy Spirit.


When you have done these things and have a sense of what He wants you to do – “Just do it!”


                                                                                       Pastor Wayne



Lifesigns                       4/5               4/12               4/19            4/26                 Stewardship Report

 “Thrive Time”               C A N C E L L E D  DUE  TO  C OV I D  19        Budget Needs through April 26: $ 76,092

Sunday Bible Study      C A N C E L L E D  DUE  TO  C OV I D  19        Budget Gifts through April 26:   $ 65,324

Worship                         C A N C E L L E D  DUE  TO  C OV I D  19        Budget Shortfall:                          $ 10,769

Offering                   $   5,743          $ 5,410          $ 4,589         $ 2,527




               CLERK'S CORNER


The Business Meeting scheduled for                                                    CANCELLED

 May 13, 2020 at 7 PM (Pastor Wayne’s SS Classroom) has been . . .




But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves” (James 1:22 NKJV)


  • All students currently in Grades 6-12 are welcome to come and join us on Sunday morning for Thrive Time at 8:30 AM, Sunday School at 9:45 AM and Traditional Worship at 11 AM.
  • Regular Meetings will be announced. Stay tuned in the weekly bulletins for updates and additions.



North American Missions /Annie Armstrong Offering      Goal:  $ 1,500      FINAL:  $ 610.00



May 18 – May 24, 2020                    WEEK OF PRAYER FOR GOSHEN MINISTRIES

“GMO” (Goshen Missions Offering)     

Note:  GBC supports this offering through our Budget {$600}





“FEED MY SHEEP”                 HERE                   MenuPotluck

TO BE DETERMINED       FREE MEAL              Saturday, May 30, 2020              11 AM – Noon              

Anyone wishing to donate food, please bring to the Fellowship Hall

                                before 10:30 AM.  Thank you.



Names of church members graduating from high school or institutions of higher learning need to be submitted to the church office by SUNDAY, MAY 31We will recognize church members only WHEN WE’RE ABLE TO MEET AGAIN (PLEASE CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE 832-2075 WITH INFO), but we will be glad to announce children / grandchildren who are not church members.



. . . Janet Hartsook, Chair, Bessie Decatur, Charlie Fincham, Mike Moubray, Irene Richardson, Brenda Stoner and Carolyn Tanner . . . as they begin their work (first meeting Thursday, MAY 14 AT 7 PM IN THE FELLOWSHIP HALL) to enlist those who will serve on committees, etc. 

May God bless each of you as you serve the Lord.



Whatever our hearts need,

the Lord knows.

Praying He shows you

His perfect love today!